Recipe For Tomato Soup From Fresh Tomatoes

A Delicious Recipe For Tomato Soup From Fresh Tomatoes

Roasting tomatoes for this soup recipe is essential in giving it its intense, rich tomato taste. Incorporating garlic and bay leaves also gives this soup its full-bodied character, while fresh basil brings vibrant color and aroma.

Baking soda increases the pH level of the cooking liquid, prompting cell walls of vegetables to break down faster and more completely – giving a velvety smooth texture when blended!

Roast the tomatoes

Roasting tomatoes is an integral step in creating delicious soup. By extracting their natural sugars and amplifying their sweetness, roasting also imparts a wonderful smoky taste that gives this soup its distinct character.

Try selecting ripe, juicy tomatoes – heirloom varieties have more vibrant hues! For best results, San Marzano tomatoes have amazing tomato flavor!

Fry onions over low heat to caramelize them and create an irresistibly aromatic base flavor for your soup. This step adds an irresistibly delicious depth of flavor!

Caramelize the onions

Roasting onions allows their natural sugars to caramelize and bring a sweet element, providing an ideal counterbalance to the acidity of tomatoes while making this soup extra creamy!

Add an extra savory kick to this tomato soup by including mustard powder if available; Dijon mustard makes an acceptable replacement option.

Olive oil adds volume and flavor to tomato soup recipes, but vegetable or chicken broth is equally suitable. Salt and freshly ground black pepper help highlight basil’s bright flavors; finally, a dash of balsamic vinegar adds depth and complexity.

Fry the tomato puree

The addition of black pepper and red chili flakes provides a pleasant hint of heat that compliments the tomato-forward flavors in this soup recipe. Cinnamon brings sweetness and warmth that further complement its delicious flavor.

Garlic can add depth of flavor, heightening the natural taste of tomatoes. Experiment with herbs like oregano, chervil, parsley, or dill for additional flavors.

Add thickener and creaminess by including canned beans or small Russet potatoes; finish it off by swirling in some basil pesto before serving.

Add the spices

Vegetable stock forms the base for this recipe, adding flavorful depth and creating an ultra-creamy texture. A pinch of sugar balances out the acidity from tomatoes while providing a sweet hint to complement all of its richness.

Balsamic vinegar adds a subtle tang that pairs beautifully with the tomato’s natural tartness, while salt and freshly ground black pepper provide essential finishing touches, heightening all of its flavors.

Cornstarch or arrowroot can create a silky texture while helping prevent too much water in the soup. Dried Italian seasoning adds flavor through its combination of oregano, basil, marjoram, and rosemary, which pairs nicely with tomato’s own herbs.

Add the vegetable stock

Tomato soup strikes an exquisite balance between tartness and sweetness, using salt, pepper, and basil to bring out its natural flavors.

Olive oil makes onions caramelize beautifully, imparting their rich, fruity sweetness into this recipe. Garlic gives depth. Basil is essential, though you could experiment with other herbs and spices like rosemary, thyme, or oregano for maximum enjoyment!

Vegetable stock provides the base for vegetable soup, adding both flavor and volume. However, water may also work if you prefer lower sodium options or don’t have vegetable broth on hand.

Bring to a boil

Roasted tomatoes bring sweetened and caramelized sweetness, creating an indulgent soup experience. Onion, roasted garlic, and carrot add additional aromatic touches that balance out the sweet tomatoes perfectly.

Vegetable stock provides both volume and richness to this soup, while heavy cream provides silkiness in texture. Salt and pepper enhance all the flavors present, while black pepper provides subtle heat.

Now your soup is almost ready to serve, take this opportunity to add a small pinch of baking soda (about one teaspoon), which will cause it to foam and fizz; this helps reduce acidity levels in your broth.

Reduce the heat

Tomato soup tastes delicious when made at home and enjoyed hot with an irresistibly melty grilled cheese sandwich or some crunchy, crusty bread. Roasted tomatoes add deep umami flavor, while basil adds fresh, fragrant notes for an exceptional meal!

This recipe calls for vegetable stock to enhance flavor and thicken the soup, but other forms of broth, such as chicken broth, could also work just as well.

Alternatives to heavy cream could include milk; however, this will likely have less of a dense texture than heavy cream and should only be considered if vegan options are desired. You could also look into plant-based creams for vegan-friendly solutions.

Add the basil

Basil is not optional in this recipe, as its bright Italian flavor and slight spicy heat make an essential contribution. Roasted garlic adds another richness that counteracts the acidity of tomatoes perfectly.

Cornstarch or arrowroot can be added as an optional thickener and silkening agent in this soup recipe, providing a silky texture without adding dairy products; plus, it’s gluten-free!

To achieve optimal results, use large fresh tomato varieties such as Roma or other large fresh varieties; sweet onions and herbs can balance their tart sweetness, and balsamic vinegar or brown sugar adds additional layers of flavor to this simple tomato soup recipe.


Tomato soup should always be creamy and thick, so use a pot that can handle its volume. Once everything has been added to the pot, turn back on the heat until simmering has taken place.

Onion adds a delicious depth that pairs nicely with tomatoes and garlic, while carrots add a subtle sweetness that rounds out this recipe perfectly.

Roasting tomatoes with whole garlic cloves adds a natural sweetness not found in canned tomato soup. Fresh basil also provides another aromatic burst, so feel free to add extra aromas like this fragrant herb for even more depth of flavor! 

Finally, complete your dish by drizzling some olive oil, salt, and pepper before serving!


In conclusion, crafting tomato soup from fresh tomatoes is a culinary journey that transforms simple ingredients into a bowl of comfort and warmth. 

The vibrant flavors of ripe, juicy tomatoes, harmonizing with aromatic herbs and spices, create a soup that is not only delicious but also a celebration of the bounties of the garden.

This homemade tomato soup allows you to savor the essence of fresh tomatoes at their peak. The simplicity of the recipe accentuates the natural sweetness of the tomatoes, resulting in a rich and velvety texture that soothes the soul with every spoonful.

Whether enjoyed as a starter, a light meal, or a cozy companion on a chilly day, this tomato soup brings together the goodness of fresh produce and the joy of homemade cooking. 






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