Swiss Steak in a Crock Pot Recipe

Swiss Steak in a Crock Pot Recipe

When time is of the essence, this easy crock pot Swiss steak recipe can help. All it requires are minimal ingredients and cooking at a slow temperature to make for a tender steak.

Make this delicious recipe using different cuts of beef, such as chuck steak.


Swiss steak is an easy and satisfying slow cooker meal that makes an ideal weeknight or Sunday dinner, using inexpensive cuts of round or cube steak transformed into tender slices simmered in a flavorful tomato sauce seasoned with garlic, onion, and green pepper for maximum enjoyment by the entire family. Enjoy this satisfying family-fun recipe today!

Start this crock pot Swiss steak recipe by lightly seasoning the steaks with salt and pepper before dredging them in flour to coat them. Heat vegetable oil over medium-high heat in a skillet, and fry the coated steaks until both sides have become brown.

Transfer them to your crock pot before mixing all of the other ingredients into one bowl and pouring this over your steaks in your crock pot.

If you’re short on time, skip the step of pounding and browning steaks before placing them in the slow cooker. Also, avoid cooking onions and bell peppers separately in a skillet prior to adding them to your slow cooker.

If you have Montreal steak seasoning on hand, use it to spice up the sauce. Otherwise, sprinkle the steak with salt, pepper, and garlic powder instead.

Browning the Meat

Crock pots are an efficient and time-saving way to prepare Swiss steak as they evenly cook both the meat and vegetables at the same time, saving both effort and time from having to do this all day long. Simply prepare it in the morning before leaving it alone all day!

Before adding meat to a crock pot, it’s essential that it first be browned. This gives the steak more texture and adds depth of flavor, as well as speeding up cooking times so your meal becomes tender faster. 

If time is of the essence, however, this step may be skipped altogether and just directly added into the slow cooker.

To prepare the beef, season it generously with salt and pepper before dredging in flour for an optimal dish. 

The flour helps thicken up the sauce while adding a flavorful element. Cutting serving-sized pieces ensures even cooking of this dish.

Swiss steak differs from Salisbury steak in that it uses actual cuts of beef instead of ground meat shaped into patties for maximum satisfaction on cool evenings.

Make this Crockpot Swiss Steak even tastier by adding mushroom soup and Worcestershire sauce – this will enhance its flavors while making its gravy more flavorful and creamy! 

To spice it up even further, opt for green pepper rather than red or orange pepper, as this may add an extra kick!

Cooking in the Crock Pot

Slow-cooking Swiss steak will ensure that it comes out tender and flavorful every time. It is perfect for serving over potatoes, noodles, or rice with extra vegetables such as onions or mushrooms added for extra flavor! 

It is an especially great way to use less expensive cuts of beef, such as round or cube steaks, which may otherwise be tough – the slow cooker does an incredible job at tenderizing these bargain cuts of meat into tender, delicious bites!

The crock pot has long been considered an indispensable kitchen appliance. Its popularity continues to soar as it offers convenient and effortless meal prep at home. 

While other appliances require you to boil ingredients before placing them inside an appliance, the crock pot simmers them instead – its design allows heat transfer through its electric coils directly into its stoneware container for efficient heating transfer.

Crock pots can be used for an assortment of dishes, from casseroles and stews to soups. To prevent bacteria build-up from previous meals, it is advisable to keep your crock pot clean between uses with regular sanitization – and an affordable crock pot liner makes cleanup faster and simpler! 

When selecting recipes using a crock pot, it is also important to select those that include ingredients you already possess in order to save on time spent shopping and prepping ingredients for use in each one.


Swiss steak is an easy and hearty slow cooker meal to create, featuring tender pieces of beef layered in an aromatic tomato-onion mixture for maximum comfort and food satisfaction. 

Thanks to the acids present in tomatoes and the long, slow cooking time of this recipe, round steak remains tender rather than becoming overcooked and chewy; alternatively, use skirt, flank, or hanger steaks in its place!

Add various vegetables, such as mushrooms, carrots, and green beans, to this dish to vary its flavors. Play around with seasonings – adding garlic or other herbs will increase its overall appeal!

Before placing the steaks into the crock pot, prepare the vegetable mixture by sauteeing sliced onions and bell peppers in some oil until translucent and fragrant, adding mushrooms or garlic if desired, and sauteing until tender. 

Pour this vegetable mix into your crock pot alongside coated steaks before pouring on the tomato mixture as needed.

Cover and simmer on low for 8 hours or more until the meat is tender and the sauce thickens up; serve it over mashed potatoes or rice for a savory dinner that will satisfy everyone.


In conclusion, the Swiss steak in a crockpot recipe is a delightful journey of flavors and tenderness. Slow-cooked to perfection, the blend of savory herbs, hearty vegetables, and succulent beef creates a comforting and satisfying dish. 

The beauty of this recipe lies not only in its simplicity but also in the rich and wholesome taste that develops as it simmers.

As you savor each bite of the melt-in-your-mouth Swiss steak, you’ll appreciate the convenience of using a crockpot. It’s a testament to the notion that good food doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Whether you’re a busy professional or just someone who enjoys a hearty, home-cooked meal, this recipe brings the warmth and aroma of a traditional kitchen to your modern lifestyle.

So, gather around the table, embrace the inviting aroma, and relish the fruits of your slow-cooking labor. The Swiss steak in a crockpot is more than just a meal; it’s a celebration of simple pleasures and the joy of savoring a dish made with care and patience. Enjoy every delicious moment!






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